Room101 Namakubi Chingon 2023

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Length:  6 1/2″
Ring Gauge: 50

Fanciful delights await you. Come this way friend, step inside. Although in many ways long gone, Samurai culture is believed to live on in the spirit within certain groups. In ancient times when two Samurai clans would gather for competition, there was a great deal at stake. Normally, the losing party would die as a result of wounds sustained in battle or be executed upon defeat. The Namakubi, or freshly severed head of the losing party, would be prepared on a wooden tray then tagged in a regimented manner and presented to the leader of the winning clan as a gift. We, as modern day Samurai, present to you our own Namakubi. These limited edition cigars have been tagged (banded) and carefully prepared for your enjoyment. Made in the Dominican Republic by the William Ventura factory, the Namakubi uses a blend of Pennsylvania Broadleaf and Nicaraguan fillers, an Ecuadorian Sumatra Binder, and a Mexican San Andres wrapper.

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Room101 Namakubi Chingon 2023
Room101 Namakubi Chingon 2023
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