Sencillo Black Piramide 60 No. 5

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Length:  5 1/2″
Ring Gauge: 60

Sencillo cigars are inspired by the love of simple pleasures. Pronounced “Sen-See-Yo,” Sencillo is the Spanish word for “simple.” We hope this flavorful new blend will encourage you to light up, slow down, and enjoy the moment more often. Sencillo Black is a new twist on the Sencillo theme. Like Sencillo Platinum (the first release of the Sencillo brand), it is a truly extraordinary cigar that is smooth and affordable enough to enjoy every day. Yet handmade with the tobaccos grown in Nicaragua, Sencillo Black has a distinctive flavor all its own. If Sencillo Platinum is the pinot noir of the line, Sencillo Black is the cabernet.

Sencillo Black Piramide 60 No. 5
Sencillo Black Piramide 60 No. 5

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