Atabey Delirios Tubes

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Length:  5 3/4″
Ring Gauge: 55

The name Atabey has ties to the Taino Indians and the cigar culture. It all began with Cohiba which referred to the circle the tribe would gather in to pray. They would offer their prayers to the leader known as Behike who in turn would deliver those prayers to the Goddess Atabey. Atabey Cigars comes to us from Nelson Alfonso, and is made in Costa Rica where the blend is only known by a select few. It’s a smooth and refined cigar blended to deliver a Cubanesque flavorful profile. Nelson Alfonso is known to many in the industry as the imagery and creative director for the Golden Age design firm, that handles most of the major branding for Habanos S.A. and Alfonso has been instrumental on the Cuban Cohiba design since 1999. The ATABEY cigars are produced in limited quantities by a Tobacco factory in Costa Rica using undisclosed tobaccos from many origins from Caribbean and Central American countries.

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Atabey Delirios
Atabey Delirios Tubes
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