Bandolero Serie T Picaros

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Length:  5 1/2″
Ring Gauge: 54

Cigar history has followed a difficult path between crime and pleasure. Between 1717 & 1817, the Spanish Crown prohibited cigar production and although its precious Cuban leaves were growing on the other side of the ocean, the “puro” cigar rolling that we all know today, could only be done at the Sevilla Royal Factory. Such absurd entitlement, and this monopoly, led to an increase in the price of tobacco that led to the birth of the Bandolero. The Bandolero was an intrepid figure who bootlegged tobacco leaves and rolled them in other countries, which led to an excellent price and authenticity, dressed with the charm of what was then forbidden.

This blend will start with citrus notes over a base of earth and hay. Some mocha with a retrohale that is incredibly smooth and takes on a peppercorn note. The Bandoleros complexity is hold, especially on the finish with subtle hints of red pepper, and earth. Some of the peppercorn notes remain through the nose with an intoxicating aroma of roasted nuts.

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Bandolero Serie T Picaros
Bandolero Serie T Picaros

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