Casdagli Basilica C #1

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Length:  6″
Ring Gauge: 52

The Basilica Line was created to honour the great patriarch of the Casdagli family who established the family Egyptian cotton business – Emmanuel Casdagli. His portrait adorns Basilica Line’s cigar band. Basilica became the chosen name for the line as the word Basilica comes from the ancient Greek term meaning “Royal House” – invoking Emmanuel’s Villa Casdagli.

The Basilica Line was inspired by Casdagli Cigar’s Saudi Arabian clients who were looking for a cigar blend to pair with oriental teas and Arabic citrus tasting cuisine. The “flared” foot of the Basilica Line cigars are designed this way so as to lead the smoker gently into the full bodied flavors emitted by the rich binder leaves of these cigars. Perfect for an after dinner smoke.

Casdagli Basilica C #1
Casdagli Basilica C #1

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